Block co-ordinators

Block co-ordinators are volunteers who help to connect the neighbourhood, keep communication flowing and ensure that neighbours look out for each other. Specific tasks include:


  1. Represent your block on the NHW committee and liaise between residents and the committee.
  2. Keep a register of the names and contact details of the people on your block, and share it with the NHW.
  3. Identify additional street co-ordinators if the block is too large for one person.
  4. Collect voluntary levies for the NHW and for the Rosebank and Mowbray Civic Association.
  5. Establish a communications chain (telephone/SMS/e-mail/Whatsapp) for your block, and keep it updated.
  6. Visit and invite new members to join.


  1. Notify your block of meetings/training sessions/workshops.
  2. Gather interesting topics and snippets for newsletters.

Safety & Security

  1. Identify suitable Safe Houses.
  2. Identify suitable suitable positions to display NHW signs.
  3. Ensure that all houses are clearly marked with a large and legible number to aid the police.
  4. Coach members to be aware of their surroundings.
  5. Ensure that all senior citizens are registered with the SAPS (WO Derek van der Merwe).
  6. Notify the City of Cape Town via the C3 system when road signs are damaged or lost.

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