Just three weeks old, left in the cold…

by Mdzananda Animal Clinic


Just a moment ago I was with my mommy cuddling warmly. All of a sudden I am cold. My body is shaking. Why am I in the mist, in the wind, in the rain? Where is my mommy? And then the gentle hands picked me up…

Dear Animal Friends

If you’ve started to feel the icy chill in the Cape Town air, be sure to know that the animals in Khayelitsha are feeling it too – especially little Cocophonix. Cocophonix was just three weeks old when he was left outside the Mdzananda Animal Clinic front gate on a cold, misty, rainy morning. It was 8 am when the first staff member arrived and spotted a blue t-shirt on the pavement. It looked like just another cloth that had been blown by the wind.

Lalaphi, our maintenance manager, started cleaning outside around 8:30am. Imagine the shock when he picked up the shirt and a puppy rolled out. Cocophonix was so extremely small when we found him. This tiny little puppy was shaking from head to tail from the cold and crawled into Lalaphi’s arms, squealing with gratitude. Yes Cocophonix, you were close to death, but we got you just in time. The little squealing pup was rushed to our hospital where he was given warm puppy milk, hand fed through a syringe. He gobbled it up as if he had not eaten for days. We wrapped him up in a blanket, put him in a little bed and he fell fast asleep. You are safe now little one…

We are so grateful that Cocophonix’s owners left him at Mdzananda. Many community members are not able to or do not know how to look after little puppies. There are numerous reasons as to why they might not have been able to care for him. But Cocophonix was lucky! Many little puppies and kittens end up on the street in the cold and rain with no one to care for them.

Winter is not an easy time at the Mdzananda Animal Clinic. Mdzananda treats up to 1000 sick animals per month through consultations, hospitalization, surgery and mobile clinics. When they arrive at Mdzananda they are sick, hurt and afraid. Now they are cold too. The clinic runs from 6 recycled shipping containers and as you can imagine, these get very cold in winter. Last winter a few pets did not make it through surgery due to hyperthermia. We need your help to keep the animals warm this winter. We need your help to assist the pets that are out in the cold without homes, shelter or blankets.

Could you help us by making a donation, big or small, towards food, blankets, kennels and medicines for sick animals this winter? Could you help by making a donation towards facility upgrades to keep our clinic and animals warm? The animals of Khayelitsha are BOW WOWing for your helping paws. Please consider donating some goods or making a financial donation towards helping them. Below are some goodies we need to get through winter.

• Funds or donations for Isoboard to insulate the walls of our operating theatre (65 m2) R22 500
• Bubble wrap to insulate the windows of our theatre and hospital R299
• Mould paint for our x-ray room which gathers mould in winter (9 m2) R1020
• 14 x Rubber sheets (4mm x 0.6m x 1m) to line 14 cold, uncomfortable hospital cages R200 per
• Polar Fleece Blankets R45 each
• Kyron Snuggle Safe heat pads (Stays hot for 10 hours) R350 each
• ELEKTRA Electric Hot Water Bottle (needs electricity) R80 each
• Hot Water Bottles R70 each
• E-heater Panels R500 each
• Dog kennels R400 each
• Pallets to build kennels
• Branded warm tops to keep 21 of our staff members warm R250 each
• Branded beanies to keep 21 of our staff members warm R55 each
• Industrial boots (safety boots) for 15 staff member’s feet to stay dry and warm R400 each
• Collars & leads for 12 to 25kg dogs to give away. Too many pets are being knocked over by cars due to not being walked on leads. R40 each
• Cat litter for our cat ward that can house 20 – 40 cats R50 per bag
• Cat / Dog tin food R10 per tin
• Cat pellets 2 kg R80
• Dog pellets 10 kg R150
• Hills A/D tinned food for recovery patients R 15 per tin

Cocophonix would like to thank everyone in advance for their assistance. The Mdzananda Animal Clinic would not be in existence, helping all the animals of Khayelitsha, if it was not for our wonderful donors and supporters.

Cocophonix is currently in foster care, is healthy, happy and strong. He was named after Cocophonix from Astrix and Obelix as he loves making singing, squealing sounds to express his joy on a daily basis. He is looking for a forever home to become a part of.

With sincere gratitude (and wags!)

Felipe Perdomo, Director

Bank Details:
Mdzananda Animal Clinic, Standard Bank, Account number: 075595710, Branch: Rondebosch, Branch Code: 025009, Reference: Winter+Your Name
email: marcelle@mdzananda.co.za


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