News roundup

1. Christmas Carols at Mossop Hall tonight:

Christmas Carols (Sacred & Secular) will be presented at MOSSOP HALL (cnr. Roseberry and Cheltenham Roads) this evening.

Wednesday 18th December:  7.30 p.m.

Hosted by PULSE (an informal group of local musicians and singers) we seek to strengthen the heartbeat as we head towards Christmas.

Everyone is welcome. 

2. Crime report from Jonathan Hobday:

“Another quiet week (December 2-8) on the crime front in our precinct.
There were four burglaries and one attempted burglary reported – at 35 Strubens Road on Tuesday morning, when a door was forced open and household appliances were stolen; at 3 Elms flats in Upper Liesbeek on Wednesday morning at about 9am (attempted); at 3 Arena Court in Selby Road on Thursday afternoon when a door was forced open and household appliances stolen; on Thursday afternoon at 45 Geluks Road (attempted); and on Saturday afternoon at 29 Forth Road, when a TV screen was taken.
There were two reported muggings – on Tuesday morning at about 8am, a knifeman stole two laptops from a pedestrian; and on Wednesday afternoon, a woman was robbed of her cellphone and jewellery in a taxi that she boarded in Main Road.
Six incidents of theft from cars (or attempted thefts) were reported – on Thursday morning, cash was allegedly taken from a delivery van in Victoria Road; number plates were stolen off a car in Gloucester Road on Thursday morning; on Thursday night, a car in Priory Road was damaged in an attempted break-in; and, on Saturday night, a radio was taken from a car in Annerley Road, a GPS was taken from a truck in Hillview Road and an attempt was made to break into a car in Lente Road.
Two cases of common assault were reported as a result of domestic disputes – one of Tuesday morning in Upper Liesbeek Road and the other on Friday evening in Thicket Road.
No cars were reported stolen.”

And via Gill Lanham in Rosebank:
3. Garage card cloned
From an Alma Rd resident: “Just to let you know that my Standard Bank Garage card was cloned. The last place I used it was at the Caltex Service Station on Durban Rd in Mowbray (Daves Service Station – the one with the FNB ATM) on Tuesday, and I stupidly let the card out my sight for it to be taken into the service station office. I can’t be 100% sure that it happened there, but can everyone please be reminded not to let their payment cards out of sight. The cloned card was used last night on Marine Drive and today in Delft, obviously for full tanks of petrol. Standard Bank Fraud division has opened a case and will be investigating.”

Gill adds: “3 former residents reported similar incidents happening to them.  We did have a spate of complaints re this garage at one time, and the RNW wrote to Caltex.  However, there was no response.  Please, should you have a cloning incident, here or anywhere else, do report it to SAPS, in addition to your bank.”

4. Scams to beware of 

Both of these have been reported recently and in a couple of cases have led to very traumatic experiences, so please be on the alert:

  • Bogus courier deliveries: 1-3 men will appear at the door with a large parcel, claiming to be making a delivery from a courier company. They may attempt to bully domestic workers in particular into giving them access (“hurry up, we have other deliveries to make”, etc).
  • The gardener next door/Telkom workers: This is an old one that’s reared its head again. A man will claim to be trimming trees for your neighbour, or to clear a Telkom line, and ask for access to your property. This one preys on your instincts to be a good neighbour.

Please always check the credentials of any strangers who ask for access to your property, and prime employees and children to do likewise.


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