Neighbourhood Watch — what happened at the last meeting + block co-ordinators

Thanks to all who attended the meeting on November 27th at St Georges – it was informative and productive. Here’s what happened (slightly belated, but here nonetheless):

1. Jonathan Hobday briefed us on the plans in Rosebank to establish a Special Ratings Area / City Improvement District. This would involve a small extra levy being charged to municipal ratepayers, in return for which an areas gets increased policing, a full-time staff to deal with crime, grime and other issues affecting the community, infrastructure and resources for assisting homeless people, etc. The initiative is led by a number of Rosebank residents, who are steering the process through all its many stages and have already enlisted the support of businesses in Durban Road and the River Park business park. Until recently Little Mowbray was not being considered as part of the area, but more recently it’s been pointed out that it makes sense to include us since we’re so closely geographically linked. It is still early days, and any move in this direction will require community approval (60% of ratepayers +1), but it is worth beginning the conversation now. The target date is July 2015. Jonathan undertook to keep us in the loop about this.

2. Dave Sivertsen gave an overview of all the many organisations involved in local policing and civic affairs.

On the security side:

  • The Community Police Forum: The main vehicle for communication between the Mowbray Police Station, neighbourhood watches, etc. The executive committee meets on the second Monday of every month, chaired by Jonathan Hobday. Our representative is Dave Sivertsen. There is a need for people to assist with victim support (contact Carol Hobday) and for police reservists (contact Warrant Officer Derek van der Merwe at the station).
  • Sector Forums: Mowbray SAPS is divided into two sectors — we are part of Sector Two, which covers the area between Liesbeek Parkway and the M5. The sector 2 commander is Constable Mike Mamuthamani, who can be reached on 082 469 2462. For rapid response in any situation, call the patrol van on on 079 894 1466. The Sector Forum meets once a month, and our current representative is Dave Sivertsen; Patsy Taylor also attends. and is chaired by our own Patsy Taylor. She is currently looking for someone to take over this role, so if anyone is keen please get in touch.
  • There is a Vagrant Group led by Simon Hayes who can be contacted on 021 6891789.

On the civic side:

  • The Rosebank and Mowbray Civic Association  meets on the second Wednesday of each month. Our current representatives are Jonathan Hobday, Dave Sivertsen and Jos Jefferies from our NHW. This is our primary interface with the city on matters relating to health and environmental issues, traffic, cleansing and urban planning.
  • The Durban Road Action Group, led by Simon Birch, is exploring ways to revitalise Durban Road. This artery has been stagnant for many years because of road-widening plans which have now been shelved, so there is an opportunity for new development to benefit the whole areas.
  • Ward Committees are run by our local councillors Brett Herron (Ward 57) and Matthew Kempthorne. They are responsible for allocating budgets — that’s what paid for the new path around Rondebosch Common and for upgrades to the Raleigh Road park.
  • Friends of Raleigh Road Park is run by Dave Sivertsen. There are no Friends of Gledholt Road Park :-(.
  • The Friends of the Liesbeek is run by Peter Atmore and organises regular cleanups and other events.
  • The Friends of the Black River is involved in initiatives around the proposed Two Rivers Urban Park.

3. SAPS was invited to give an overview of their local operations work and the current crime situation, but were unable to attend. We look forward to their input at a future meeting.

4. The real substance of the evening was setting up the infrastructure we need to run a successful Little Mowbray Neighbourhood Watch. Block co-ordinators are the heart of the system: It needs at least one person on each block (we have 39 in total) to collect, maintain and share contact details, keep people in touch, and channel information to and from the committee. Click here for a full list of everything a block co-ordinator might do.

At the end of the evening we had the following people signed up as block coordinators. They are also listed, with their phone number, on this map — click to see the whole thing. Some people have taken on more than one block where there were gaps – in these cases we’re still looking for volunteers:

  1. Linda Padfield
  2. Frank Pope
  3. Jack Atmore
  4. Nick Moult
  5. Jos Jefferies
  6. 6. Jos Jefferies
  7. Jack Atmore
  8. Alphonse Hoge
  9. Kim Cloete
  10. Dave Sivertsen
  11. Angelo Alberti
  12. Felicity Foster
  13. Dan Dobinson
  14. Dave Sivertsen
  15. Dave Sivertsen
  16. Dave Sivertsen
  17. Dave Sivertsen
  18. Dave Sivertsen
  19. Dave Sivertsen
  20. Dave Sivertsen
  21. Dave Sivertsen
  22. Cheryl Hewson
  23. Cheryl Hewson
  24. Pam Sykes
  25. Pam Sykes
  26. Colin Habberton
  27. Sue Lund
  28. Benjamin Lunksy
  29. Pam Sykes
  30. Lisa Strachan
  31. Pam Sykes
  32. John Mustart
  33. Sue Kingma
  34. Katia Stipinovich
  35. Spencer Wiggins
  36. Paul Hopkinson
  37. Mike Edwards
  38. Jeanne Hromnik
  39. Jeanne Hromnik

Expect these people to come calling sometime in the next few weeks!

5. The next meeting will take place at 7pm on Thursday February 20th 2014.

(post edited 18 Dec 2013 to correct Sector Forum information.)


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