Crime roundup

Now would be a good time to remind everyone of the neighbourhood watch meeting tonight at 7pm, in the Smuts Centre at George’s Grammar School 🙂

Latest Community Police Forum news from Jonathan Hobday:

Two nasty robberies marred what was otherwise a relatively quiet week (November 18-24) on the crime front in Mowbray:

  • The first occurred at about 8pm on Thursday in Annerley Road, Rosebank, when a woman visitor to the area was accosted by gunmen and robbed of her white VW Polo car.
  • The other incident occurred a little later the same evening (at about 10pm) when a knifeman robbed two students in Cecil Road of electronic equipment.

There were three reported house-breakings – on Wednesday morning at 24a Astley Road; on Friday evening at 71 Durban Road; and on Saturday night at 21 Roseberry Road.

One other vehicle – an Isuzu bakkie – was stolen in the early hours of Sunday morning in Kensington Road.

There were three thefts from cars – on Wednesday night in Marivey Road (an attempt); on Thursday evening outside 1 Osborne Road; and on Sunday night in Lente Road.

And additional news via Gill Lanham:

Smash in at Pillans Crt, Pillans Rd – Nov 26
01It really felt like a case of “while the cats are away”… Jonathan Hobday (CPF) and I left the neighbourhood to attend a Neighbourhood Watch workshop run by JP Smith in the city at 9.30 this morning (Nov 26). I had walked down Pillans Rd just before 9 am to the flats and back up the road just after 9. I saw no-one. Two of the residents left by car just after that, and they too, saw no-one around. Upstairs occupants heard a loud bang shortly afterwards, and assumed it was a trellidoor being slammed shut. It wasn’t – please see image attached. A resident arrived home at 11am, to find the security gate lock jimmied out of the wall, and the front door forced open. And that was it. No further access gained to the 3 flats who share the entrance. Nothing stolen, but huge damage, inconvenience and expense. She called the Sector Van, they arrived within minutes (thank you SAPS)and escorted her inside to check that all was well. If anyone saw anything between 9am – 9.30am in Pillans/Smith Rd, please email me at Pillans Rd is becoming the current hotspot.

Banksia Rd’s turn next…
“I’m not sure if this has been reported yet as the car belonged to someone visiting Banksia Boutique. The car was broken into just before 12 today. It was parked on the kerb outside our house. ”

Please note: Crime is picking up in all areas, not just Rosebank. Please have all emergency numbers, as well as those of your neighbours, on hand. Check that your alarms and panic buttons are working. Please call your neighbours to check that they are alright, should you hear their alarm. Please do investigate if your dog is barking
1. From Pinelands:
“Housebreakings are a huge problem. These are happening whilst residents are home and it is very worrying. Be vigilant at all times.
Theft out of M/V is also too high. PLEASE do not leave anything in your car. In the next few weeks there will be a large number of parties and functions taking place and opportunists will be on the look out for these vehicles.”
2. From RCID:
Theft of motor vehicles:
“There has been a rise in the theft of older model Toyotas and VW Golf in the area. A 1997 Toyota Corolla (in mint condition) was stolen from outside a house in Tullyallen Road last week. “


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