Bumper crime news roundup

Three week’s worth of news this time, all via Jonathan Hobday who is our representative at the Community Police Forum. Please take note of two suspicious vehicles police are on the lookout for: A white VW Polo that’s been seen cruising around Rosebank, and an old style silver E-Class Mercedes Benz that has been involved in a number of recent robberies.

October 28-November 3

Except for a rash of thefts or attempted thefts from cars – 11 cases in all – it has been a quiet week (October 28-November 3) on the crime front in Mowbray.

Once again, many of the car-theft incidents were due to public negligence and lack of vigilance. A typical case occurred on Friday morning in the Woolworths car-park in Klipfontein Road. A motorist left an Iphone exposed in the car and then walked away supposedly locking the car with a remote control device but not checking to see that the car was actually locked. In fact, the remote action had been blocked and the Iphone was easy pickings for the thief!

Other incidents were as follows: on Monday evening in Loch Road (a man was arrested); on Monday evening in Park Road; on Tuesday night in Sawkins Road; on Wednesday night in Matopo Road; on Wednesday night in Lente Road; on Thursday night in Park Road; on Thursday evening in Firth Road; on Friday evening in Marivey Road; on Friday night in Loch Road (a man was arrested); and on Saturday night in Elgin Road.

There were four reported cases of car theft – in the early hours of Thursday morning, three suspects were arrested attempting to steal a car in Elgin Road; in the early hours of Saturday morning, a man was arrested attempting to steal a car in Heath Road; and, on in the act); and, on Saturday night, a Toyota Conquest was stolen from Highbury Road.

Three residential burglaries were reported – on Wednesday morning in Kew Road, when electronic equipment was taken; on Thursday evening at 35 Twickenham Road, when a bike was stolen from a garage; and, on Saturday evening at 36 Heath Road, when a PC was stolen.

One rape was reported – a woman allegedly taken on Monday night from a bar in Mowbray to Athlone by three men.

One mugging was reported – a student walking in St Peter’s Road from Mowbray station at 9pm was relieved of her laptop by a man who accosted her.

November 4-10

Another relatively-quiet week. Thefts from cars again dominated the list with fives cases (of which four victims were visitors to the area!) – on Tuesday night in Bridge Street; on Wednesday night in Station Road; on Thursday morning at Woolworths car-park in Klipfontein Road (another suspected case of jamming the remote-control locking device); on Friday afternoon in Grove Street; and on Friday afternoon in Pillans Road.

There were two reported house-breakings – on Tuesday evening at 37 Loch Road; and on Friday evening at 3 Surbiton Road. There were two reported attempted house-breakings – on Thursday at 3 Strathallen Road and on Saturday night at Mount Royal in York Street.

Two cars were stolen – on Monday night, a VW Polo from Liesbeek Road, Rosebank; and, on Friday night, a Toyota Conquest from 11 Pillans Road.

There were three reported cases of assault – on Thursday, there was a domestic fracas at Mill Court in Main Road; on Thursday, vagrants attacked a security officer on the N2; and on Thursday there was a road rage incident in Raapenberg Road.

There was also a reported case of sexual assault following an incident at a hair salon in Victoria Road.

Special alert: Police have asked residents to be on the lookout for a silver E-Class Mercedes Benz (the large, old-style model) which has reportedly been involved in a number of robberies in the area recently.

November 11-17

Incidence of crime in the precinct was low this week  – except for thefts from cars, of which there was a total of 11 reported cases. Much of the crime occurred in Sybrand Park.

The incidents of car-break-ins occurred as follows – in Raapenberg Road on Wednesday; in Acre Road on Thursday; in Lower York Road on Friday; in Dagbreek Road on Friday; in Bollihope Road on Friday; in Balfour Road on Friday and again on Saturday; and four more incidents on Saturday, all of them in Sybrand Park, in Elgin, Geluks, Lindale and Dagbreek roads.

There were three reported house-breakings – two in Balfour Road, Park Estate, during the day on Friday and Saturday; and one at 10  Geluks Road, Sybrand Park, on Saturday night.

One car was reported stolen – from Langton Road on Saturday.

There was one mugging, a deliveryman robbed of cash near the mini-supermarket in Main Road on Thursday morning.

Police have also alerted residents to be on the lookout for a suspicious white VW Polo that was spotted cruising the Rosebank area during the week. If you see it, report this immediately to the Mowbray SAPS.



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