SAPS warning about scams to beware of

Lt Mayla Dyers, the Station Commander of Mowbray, says her officers are currently dealing with about 7 cases involving thousands of rand as a result of scams like these. Please take note:

1. Internet fraud on Gumtree and other sites
Please be very cautious if buying goods on the internet and don’t  make an EFT payment into the seller’s account before receiving the goods. This applies especially to computers, laptops, electronic equipment and vehicles. At least one of our residents has had the nasty experience of handing over an electronic item, on receiving a “proof of payment” slip, only to find that this money was not actually in his account, and the item had already been handed over – neither money, nor item ever to be seen again.

2. SMS messages about WINNINGS!
Please be aware of RICA winnings, LOTTERY winnings or any other “competition”, whereby you need to make a payment in order to play, or in order to win!
If you need to pay an amount into a bank account – it’s a scam. Be careful.
(please pass this message on to your children, domestic staff etc)

3. ATM vigilance
Be very alert when using the ATMs and especially when people offer “assistance” when you want to draw money. (It is not unheard of to have people dressed as “bank officials” offering help at ATMs) This is apparently becoming a huge problem in Mowbray.

And a Rosebank resident subsequently passed this one on as well: “Another scam to watch out for: People who phone, supposedly from Microsoft, saying their big mother computer has picked up problems on your computer. They say only Microsoft can fix it and you must switch on your computer and they will guide you through certain steps to ‘prove’ there is a problem and then what to do. After 2 such callers last week whom I said I didn’t believe, I checked it out on the internet (only got an engaged signal from Microsoft CT office after repeatedly trying) and it’s an old scam that results in malware being installed and your internet banking codes being stolen once you hand over access to your computer to their ‘technician’. I have no idea where they got my number, so they may just be going through the phone book.”


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