Crime report roundup Oct 7-14

From the Community Police Form:

Another relatively quiet week (October 7-14) on the crime front in our precinct.
The worst incident was the house robbery last Monday in Strathallen Road (which I mentioned in last week’s report-back), in which a home-owner was accosted in his home by a gang of four-five men using a black BMW X5 and beaten up. The house was ransacked.

This week, there have been five reported house-breakings:

  1. On Tuesday morning at a student residence in Main Road;
  2. On Tuesday morning in Chapel Road, when jewellery, cash and an iPad were taken;
  3. On Wednesday morning at 4 Bridge Street, when a leather jacket and a pair of trainers were stolen;
  4. On Wednesday morning at 42 Geluks Road, when the house-owner and neighbour pursued and arrested the thief; and
  5. On Friday during the day at 6 Long Street news, when a gold coin, TV games and BlackBerry phone were stolen.

There was also another business break-in on Thursday night at the Engen Garage in Golf Course Road.
Eight cars were broken into – on Sunday during the day in Bridge Street; on Monday night in Kowie Road; on Tuesday during the day in Main Road; on Thursday morning in Astley Road; on Thursday morning in Roxana Road; on Friday morning in Park Road; on Friday afternoon in Welgelegen Road; and on Saturday night in Marivey Road.
There were two muggings – a man was overpowered by two men in Liesbeek Parkway on Sunday and robbed of cash and a cellphone; and a woman was robbed in Mont Clare Road on Tuesday afternoon.
There was also a reported attempt to steal a car in Balfour Road on Thursday night but alert police disturbed the two thieves and arrested them.

And an additional report from a resident in Kew Road: “At 4:45 AM on 14 October 2013, we were alerted as our alarm started to blare. At first I thought this was a false alarm, I looked through the window at the beam that had been triggered and saw nothing. Stupidly, I cancelled the ADT response. I walked outside to make sure that there was nothing interfering with the sensor and also to satisfy myself that all was well. I saw our hosepipe and carrier trolley at the end of our garden and realized that someone had been in our property. This morning I  inspected our property and found clues to the way that the intruder had gotten in. He jumped over our neighbors wall (over the spikes), and onto our boundary wall, then onto the carport and eventually into our courtyard. Seems he was desperate and opportunistic as he attempted to steal our hosepipe, and also tried to open a car with a screwdriver that was parked outside.”


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