Any advice on good creches in our area?

Dominique van Wyk writes:

Hi. We are looking at moving into the area, we have a two and a half year old and would like to know of good crèches in the area.

Can anybody help with advice? I know Rainbow Nursery School is fantastic but not suitable if people are looking for full-day care.


6 responses to “Any advice on good creches in our area?

  1. My two kids when to Chameleon in Sybrand Park (about 1.5 km away) which was great a few years ago…not sure if it is upholiding its high standards:

  2. Vide Bebe in Park Road Rosebank is great – my grandson goes there and they are very caring and involved. Owner is Jet

  3. There’s another vote for Vide Bebe in the Facebook group – and I’ve heard many good things about Chameleon over the years. Thanks guys!

  4. Vida Bebe is incredible. My son goes there and he is super happy. I won’t move him till he goes to big school

  5. Sue Kingma NUNO

    Try varsity pre-primary – excellent

    They could give advice on daycare

    Try daycare association (or something like that)

    We used Sally M… in Pinelands, found her through the association

    She was amazing, only took kids up to 3 years




    14 Roseberry Road, Mowbray 7700

    Cape Town South Africa

    Mobile : 27-72-4441176

    Tel No: 27-21-686 1811

    Fax No: 0866-008811

    Export Code: 20745611


  6. My 2 daughters have run a little school behind Red Cross hospital for about 5 years.they concentrate on music and games as Pippa has a B.Mus from Stellenbosch University. Sally can be contacted on 021 6850583 and Pippa on 021 6858659. The school is called Pipsqueak.
    Delia Scott

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