Can you help to find this cat?

IMG-20130907-01030Mark Gelman of Langton Rd in Rosebank writes:

My beautiful little persian cat Oscar has been missing since Tuesday night. He is generally never allowed on the street but somehow found his way out and by the time I had searched the house and garden for him, he had well and truly disappeared. I spent all of Tuesday night and Wednesday combing the area by foot and bike but did not find him. I am beyond sad and depressed, cannot bear to think about him out there somewhere, potentially trapped or in trouble or not being cared for properly.

He is three years old, very fluffy, cream coloured with a chocolate face and tail and paws, and big bright blue eyes. Unfortunately he was not wearing his collar due to a skin irritation on his neck. He is aloof but trusting, will let anyone pick him up and cuddle him like a baby.

It concerns me that someone might have seen him and snatched him to try and sell or keep as their own. But they will soon be alarmed at how he will react to anything but specific foods, as he has very sensitive digestion. So perhaps he will be handed over to someone else or to a vet, or abandoned, I just don’t know.

Please may you ask your residents to keep a look out for him. I am offering R1000 (and my eternal gratitude) for any information that leads to his safe return. No questions asked, I just want him back.

Thank you so much for your help.

Mark Gelman
Langton Road, Rosebank


One response to “Can you help to find this cat?

  1. News just in:
    Oscar, the Persian cat missing since last Tuesday, has just been found! Two of the gleaners discovered that he was in a stormwater drain in De Villiers Ave. A resident then phoned Mark, who rushed over, the drain cover was lifted and Oscar rescued. A bit dishevelled and hungry, but after a visit to the vet, declared well, and now back home in Langton Rd.
    An ecstatically happy owner and 2 equally happy gleaners have had a really good start to the week.

    Thanks to everyone in the RNW area who kept a look out for Oscar this past week.

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