Security alert: Silver Golf/Polo being used by muggers

There have been a number of robberies and muggings in our area lately, and in many of them the criminals have been using a  white or silver Polo or Golf. If you see one of the following vehicles please contact SAPS immediately:

  • White Toyota Tazz CA 646 069
  • Silver or white VW Polo CA 165147

Gill Lanham from Rosebank writes:

There is absolutely no doubt that our area is being targeted at present. The timing of recent robberies is co-incidentally around shift change time at the Police station.

SAPS are doing all that they can at the moment, but it is essential that each and everyone of us also plays a role.  Please do not wait for “someone else” to phone SAPS.  If you see a SIlver Polo/Golf, especially if there are 3 or 4 men inside CALL SAPS.  If any incident happens in your area or outside your house CALL SAPS/press your panic button as well, if you are an ADT client.  If you cannot remember/locate any numbers call 10111 – the call will be relayed to the correct station. Timing is critical – as soon as the call comes in, the radio alert goes out, and the greater the chance of catching the perpetrators is.


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