Raleigh Road resident runs to raise money for developing future leaders

I know a number of Mowbray residents ran the Two Oceans for charity on Saturday –  here is the story of one of them:

Susannah final small

Susannah Farr of Raleigh Rd, who is also CEO of the GOLD Peer Education Development Agency (GOLD), raised over R56,000 for the organisation during her Two Oceans run on Saturday.

GOLD is an NGO giving thousands of young leaders a lifetime toolkit of skills, leadership development and a connection to future opportunities. Susannah is the mother of three children (the youngest is only eight months old) and had never run a marathon prior to her qualifying race for  the Two Oceans!

Susannah reached her goal of raising over R56,000 and earned a bronze medal in the race on Saturday. Visit www.goldpe.org.za to learn more about GOLD.



2 responses to “Raleigh Road resident runs to raise money for developing future leaders

  1. Graham Bellairs

    Congrats Susan. A great contribution to life.

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Pam. It prompts me to suggest that anyone who does anything interesting or achieves something should have it reported by someone close in our newsletter. It would be interesting to know who else ran? What about other events? Argus Cycle Tour, Cape Epic, Duzi, Fish, Berg River Marathons (Frank Mallows of Clifton Road is a regular participant of the Berg), Kilimanjaro? Not just athletic outdoor events but charity, artistic, musical events should be included as well. C’mon friends and family, tell us about those close to you of whom you are proud!

  2. Agreed 100%, Graham. I know a few neighbours ran the Two Oceans for other charities as well – will see if I can scrounge a picture!

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