Weekly crime report, March 4-10 2013

Incidence of reported crime in the Mowbray police precinct this week (March 4-10) is fairly low.

  • No robberies or muggings reported and no businesses burgled.
  • However, there was one house-breaking – on Saturday night at 58 Heath Road in Park Estate; and
  • Four cars stolen as follows:
  • A Toyota Corolla stolen from the Rondebosch Medical Centre in Klipfontein Road on Monday afternoon;
  • An Opel Astra stolen from Chapel Road on Wednesday evening (apparently, the owner was observed putting his car-keys into a tog-bag that was then left unattended on the side of a sportsfield);
  • A VW Golf taken from outside 26 Twickenham Road on Friday evening; and
  • An older-model BMW 5Series taken from near the intersection of Alma Road and Cross Street on Friday night.
  • There were also three reported thefts from cars – two in the early hours of Wednesday morning in Park Estate (Strathallen and Balfour Roads) after which a man was arrested; and one on Thursday afternoon in Upper York Road.
  • There was also a rather troubling incident of malicious damage to property on Saturday night at about 7.30pm – a car was damaged by a rock was thrown from the Main Road bridge over the N2. Let us hope that the so-called “Hell Run” is not spreading up this highway into our suburbs.

Reminder: The Mowbray CPF holds its monthly meeting tonight at 6.30pm in the Boardroom at the Mowbray Police Station.

Thanks as always to Jonathan Hobday for keeping us in the loop.


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