Crime report, Feb 25 – March 3

Jonathan Hobday reports that most of the crime during the past week (Feb 25-Mar3) occurred in Sector Two — that us in Little Mowbray!

There were four burglaries and an attempted burglary:

Tuesday morning at 23 Park Road; Friday during the day at 22 Mont Clare Road; Saturday morning at 24 Heath Road (this was an attempted break-in and a suspect was arrested); Saturday evening at 24 Richmond Road; and Saturday evening at 13 Clarendon Road.

There were a total of five reported thefts or attempted thefts from cars in the precinct, three of them in Sector Two, as follows:

Monday evening at 17 Roseland Road; Tuesday night in Belmont Road (attempted); Wednesday night at Woolworths in Klipfontein Road; Saturday night at 13 Roseland Road; and Saturday night in York Road.

No cars were reported stolen.

There was one reported case of a mugging – a rather-tipsy woman passenger in a metered taxi was robbed of her purse and cellphone by the driver of the taxi in Liesbeek Parkway, having been picked up in Green Point.

Crime statistics for the month of February indicate a slight uptick in several areas, compared to the figures for last year:
Robberies up from 5 to 7;
Sexual assaults up from 0 to 3;
Contact crimes (muggings etc) up from 15 to 21;
Theft from cars up from 15 to 19.

However, some crimes have decreased:
House-breakings and business break-ins are down from 21 to 18;
Thefts of cars is down from 6 to 5;
Thefts are down from 25 to 24; and
Shoplifting cases are down from 7 to 3.

Reminder: The nest meeting of the Mowbray CPF is on Monday March 11 at 6.30pm in the Parade Room at the Mowbray Police Station.


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