Eric the con man is on the loose again

We posted a couple of years ago about a very slick con man, commonly known as “Eric”, who talks his way into people’s houses and robs them. He was arrested in late 2011 but appears to be back on the streets – he has been spotted recently in Constantia, Newlands, Rosebank and Mowbray. Please call the police if you spot  this man:


The picture on the left is from a couple of years ago, the one on the right more recent.

His MO is to pretend that he needs access to your property to cut tree branches for a neighbour, or for Telkom. This is one recent story:

This property was robbed using the story of ‘trimming trees’ for the neighbours when there were students living here about 2 years ago. This time he identified himself as my neighbour. He is very familiar with the property (probably having spend two days here last time.) He asked about the students in between his very believable story about the fact that they would be trimming the trees because they were interfering with the telkom lines and he may need to access our property to collect any fallen branches. He then suggested we go upstairs to better show me the problem. I did not allow him access to the house, but he also seemed happy to leave when it became  clear that I was not home alone. I wouldn’t surprised if he is revisiting all his old haunts again. He was very well dressed in a long sleeve brown button up shirt and long pants.

Please alert neighbours and domestic workers to be on the lookout. If he comes to your door, phone Captain Matroos at Mowbray SAPS on 021 680 9580. If he is unavailable, ask to speak to Lt Col Dyers or W.O. Derek van der Merwe. If none are available, please just tell them to send a van to the street where he was seen.


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