Crime report, September 3-9 — and a warning that crime is rising

From Jonathan Hobday:

Following Tuesday’s meeting of the Exco of the Claremont Cluster CPF, I thought is politic to report back to you that the Cluster commander, Col Alwyn Botha, has expressed some concern about a general rise in crime in the cluster (Claremont, Rondebosch and Mowbray police precincts).

In particular, the number of house robberies has shown a sharp increase – more than 10 during the month of August. There is also a slight upward trend in car thefts, thefts from cars and burglaries in several areas.

It is essential that residents be reminded of the need to be careful about their personal safety and the security of their homes and other property. Many of the crimes committed are the result of public negligence and carelessness.

There are many ways that residents can assist the police to prevent crime:

  • Don’t leave doors and windows open;
  • Check that you are not being followed;
  • Don’t leave valuables exposed in locked cars;
  • Ensure that the street-lighting in your street is adequate;
  • Report to the police any suspicious characters you see lurking about;
  • Above all, be vigilant at all times.

There is also this crime report:

Sad to report, two bodies were found in Mowbray streets this week – one was the shooting victim of an apparent car-jacking in Athlone, whose body was found dumped on the side of Klipfontein Road near the Kromboom overpass in the early hours of Monday morning; the other was an apparent suicide, a man found hanged in the trees next to the Raapenberg Road on-ramp to Milner Road.

Four cars were stolen in the precinct during the week:

  • On Monday afternoon just after 2.00pm, a Honda Ballade was taken from Hermitage Lane;
  • Two cars were stolen on Monday night, a Mazda from Hornsey Road and a Toyota Tazz from Ashley Road;
  • A fairly-new VW Polo was stolen from 15 Campground Road (corner of Kent Road) during Sunday night – taken from the car-port inside the owner’s yard, nogal!

There was also an apparent attempt to steal a car on Monday night in Strathallen Road.

Cars were reportedly broken into in six incidents during the week:

  • On Tuesday night in Bollihope Road;
  • Twice on Wednesday during the day in Albert Road;
  • On Saturday night in Grove Road (wheels removed);
  • Two more incidents on Tuesday night in Banksia Road and in Pillans Road (the last two incidents involving cars that were parked inside the owners’ yards!).

There were three house burglaries:

  • On Friday at about noon in Cecil Road (a garage raided);
  • On Wednesday morning at No 1 Pillans Court in Smith Street (PC equipment taken);
  • On Thursday morning at 3 Kew Road (a plasma TV taken).

There was one business break-in – from a business in Stonefountain Terrace, Klipfontein Road, when a plasma TV and a laptop were stolen.

On Wednesday afternoon at about 4pm, a women who had just used the ATM at the Mowbray Public Transport Interchange was mugged by two men, who relieved her of her cash and other valuables.


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