Chihuahua on the loose again

Anne Smith  found an unneutered male chihuahua running around outside her property in Gledholt Road this morning. She reports:

“He is very friendly and has no collar. I haven’t taken him to the vet to check for a microchip as yet. I will keep him on my property today (him and my labrador are getting on very well) and if you could post this I would be grateful. My phone number is 082 327 9282 – hopefully the owner will read this and claim their dog. I have a feeling this is the same dog that was found running around Sawkins road sometime in August.”

If you’re the owner – perhaps it’s time to consider a collar and/or microchipping your dog?




2 responses to “Chihuahua on the loose again


    Sounds like peanut again… He lives at 22 de villiers road and I know he escaped yesterday as his owners were looking for him.
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  2. Good news – peanut is safe at home with his family again:)

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