Weekly crime report 6-12 April

From Jonathan Hobday:

There are signs this week (August 6-12) of a troubling increase in the amount of crime in our area – including another house robbery!

The house robbery took place on Sunday evening (yesterday) at 8 Berkley Road in Little Mowbray. Apparently, the householder returned in the evening just after 5pm and was ambushed by two black men who forced her into the house and stole a laptop and cellphone, as well as a gold watch and ring. This is the second such incident in two weeks (a similar attack, in the morning, took place in Elgin Road, Sybrand Park, two weeks ago).

There has also been another incident of abduction and armed robbery. On Wednesday evening, a student who lives in Rondebosch was approached by men in a car asking for directions and persuaded to get into the car; he was driven to Mowbray where one of the men pulled out a gun and he was robbed of cash and a cellphone before being dropped off on the highway unharmed. Police and the GSCID have undertaken a flyer-blitz at the university warning students about this sort of incident, of which there have now been at least three.

There were three house-breakings – on Monday morning at 44 Strubens Road; at Liesbeek Gardens on Tuesday evening; and at 6 Barnard Road, Park Estate on Wednesday during the day.

There was also a business burglary – the clothing shop at Rondebosch Village was raided on Monday evening and a box of clothes stolen.

Five vehicles were reported stolen during the week – a Ford bakkie from Sidney Road on Tuesday evening; a Toyota Tazz from Bognor Road on Wednesday night; a Toyota Conquest from Malleson Road on Wednesday night; a BMW from Alexander Road on Wednesday night; and a Ford Lazer from Hare Street on Thursday night. There was also an attempt to steal a car from Arundel Road (Rosebank) on Friday night.

There were three thefts from cars – from a car parked ion the street in Avenue Road on Thursday night; from a car parked inside a yard in Raleigh Road on Friday night; and from a car parked inside a yard in De Villiers Avenue on Saturday night.

There has also been a spate of copper thefts – household taps and pipes – in Sybrand Park, with at least three incidents reported. Police suspect that it is the work of recently-released parolees, returning to their old stamping-grounds.
In an effort to alert the public to the need for greater vigilance, the Mowbray police last week blitzed Little Mowbray with anti-crime flyers. They will be undertaking a similar blitz in Rosebank tomorrow (Tuesday). Any members of the community interested in assisting the police with the flyer-blitz can join the police tomorrow morning at 9am in the car-park at Rondebosch Common.


6 responses to “Weekly crime report 6-12 April

  1. Just to say thank you for this information. It is very helpful and is a wake up call. We have noticed a suspicious person in Rosebery Road. Let us all really be on our guard.
    John Mustart, Roseberry Road.

  2. This is very useful information – is there any way we can get it more often? Does Jonathan Hobday meet with the police every week?

    Adi Eyal

    • Hi Adi, good question. The report comes slightly more often than I post it, but not always every week. Now that I know people are actually reading it, I will post it more often!

      • Actually – what I would like to do is take the reports and plot them on a map of the area to give us a good idea of what’s going on. Regular updates would make that map quite informative.

        Thanks for the site btw – it’s good to have a central point to find updates on the goings-on in the neighbourhood.

  3. What an excellent idea! I would suggest getting in touch with the CPF directly then – the Mowbray police station (number at the top of the page) should have all the details.

  4. Thanks – I will do. If I am successful – and you’re interested – I’ll send you a link to the map to embed on this website.

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