Crime update: Older cars being targeted for spares

Jonathan Hobday reports two robberies during the week of July 30-August 5:

  • The first took place on Monday morning in Main Road when a man was abducted by men in a car (purportedly asking for directions) and then taken to an ATM in Belvedere Road to draw cash.
  • The second took place on Wednesday morning when a staff member who was opening a cash loan business in Ashley Road (near the Interchange) was ambushed and held up by two men and robbed of R3500 in cash.
  • There was one house-breaking (at a second-floor flat raided on Thursday night in Arundel Road, Rosebank) – and one attempted break-in (at 12 Hurley Road during the day, when the intruders were scared off by the alarm going off).
  • There were two thefts from cars – one in Elgin Road on Tuesday morning and the other in Raleigh Road during the day on Wednesday. There were two attempted car break-ins – on Saturday in Strubens Road and on Tuesday in Richmond Road.

Older-model cars in the precinct remain a popular target for thieves with three more being stolen during the past week. On Wednesday, it was a VW Jetta taken from Brook Street in the early evening; on Thursday evening, there was an attempt to steal a VW Polo from outside a house in Annerley Road; and on Friday night, a Toyota Conquest was stolen from outside 12 De Villiers Avenue.
OLD CARS BEING TARGETED: This was the third Toyota Conquest to be stolen in the Claremont Cluster area in recent weeks and police a certain that they are being taken for use by “chop-shops” needing spares. They have issued a warning to all owners of older-model cars to take greater precautions to enhance security of their vehicles, especially if they are parked in the street. Police also suggest that, if cars are parked inside the yard, then gates should be locked. They also suggest that householders should check street-lighting in their area to ensure that streetlights are not obscured by overgrown foliage.

REPORT SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITIES: A further request from Mowbray police is for residents to be alert enough and pro-active enough to report any suspicious individuals or activities in their street.

ROBBERS TAPPING IN: Police have also warned about a new trick being used by burglars to gain entry to properties. Apparently, they turn on a garden tap and when residents respond by running out to switch the tap off, the burglars try to slip into the door that is left open.


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