Community Police Forum crime report

Reported crimes in the Mowbray precinct for the week of 19-25 March:

  • Two robberies (both with knives). On Monday, two men with knives took a laptop from a person in Norfolk Road at about 11pm; and, on Wednesday evening at about 9pm, two knifemen took a cellphone from a person crossing the M3 bridge from UCT.
  • Two house-breakings: On Thursday afternoon, a garage was broken into at 9B Pillans Road; and, on Friday morning, a house was burgled at 10 Belmont Road. On Saturday afternoon, an attempt was made to break into a flat at 55 Alma Road and a window was damaged in the process.
  • Two cars were stolen, both old-model VWs and both on Friday night – one from Queen Street and the other from Belmont Road. Police also note that there was a spate of five stolen cars in Rondebosch, all old-model vehicles.
  • Two car break-ins – one on Thursday night in Prieska Road, Sybrand Park and the other on Friday night in Long Street.
  • The only other incident reported this week was malicious damage to the shop-window of the 7/11 Cafe in Main Road, which happened in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Crime for the month so far, compared to last year, is generally down, especially theft out of motor vehicles. The bad news, however, is that aggravated robberies (with a firearm) so far total three for the month, compared to none last year.
Police have also noted an increase in the area in the theft of wheelie-bins. They appeal to residents not to leave emptied wheelie-bins in the street. They also appeal to residents to put the bins out in the street only on the day of refuse collection.


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