Update re. Common gathering on Saturday

From Matthew Kempthorne:

Application to gather at Rondebosch Common by COSATU

COSATU has formally applied to gather at the Rondebosch Common on Saturday 4 February 2012.

All the correct procedures have been followed in terms of the Gatherings Act and permission is likely to be granted. It is important to state that as with any application in terms of the Gatherings Act, it is an administrative process governed by the legislation and no politicians have any influence in the approval process.

The march is planned to take place from 11am to 2pm, and COSATU plans to use public transport to convey the group to the Common. The route will be from Klipfontein Road along Campground Road and Sawkins Road. The group will finally gather and disperse from the tarred parking lot alongside Sawkins Road.

Sawkins Road will have to be closed during this time. COSATU has also undertaken to provide two portable toilets on site. COSATU has applied for permission for 1 000 people to gather and has committed to provide 100 marshals.

SAPS and Metro Police will monitor the situation. As was the case last Friday, when any matters of public order or safety are involved SAPS are the lead agency in terms of national legislation, and City law enforcement plays a supporting role. Police are under the command of POP (Public Order Policing).


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