Two security alerts to note

  1. James White-Phillips reports that he has had intruders in his back yard in Muswell Hill Rd no fewer than three times since January 11, all in the middle of the day. On the first occasion the man was arrested after trying to break into the house and to steal copper pipes, and is now awaiting trial. On the second occasion one of the trolley men tried to gain access; and on the third a member of the family surprised an intruder in the back yard as she arrived home. James notes: “I saw his foot prints and it looks like he was wearing safety boots and his clothing description matches council workers who are currently working in the area.” Please be aware, and report all suspicious characters to ADT or the sector police van (numbers o the home page).
  2. The Mowbray Community Police Forum reports that as usual, thefts from cars are the most common form of crime in the area, with 21 incidents during the month. Please remind visitors not to leave phones, laptops, ipods etc in their cars.



One response to “Two security alerts to note

  1. I had 2 hose pipes and fittings stoles at 2 Hurley Road on Tuesday 31 January during the day, one in the front garden and the other in the back

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