Mowbray Community Police Forum re. Rondebosch Common

A message from CPF chair Jonathan Hobday:

We are all very concerned about the possible problems that could arise from any illegal march or invasion of the Rondebosch Common – an event that is set to take place tomorrow (Friday) afternoon.

I would like to re-assure residents that the SAPS are taking every precaution to ensure that matters do not get out of hand in the event that any such activities take place. Elaborate arrangements have been made, involving many police units, city police departments and private security instances. These arrangements will be in place the whole weekend.

Residents should go about their ordinary business in the normal way but should be alert to any unusual activity during the weekend. It may also be wise to avoid going to the Common tomorrow (Friday) afternoon.

If residents see anything suspicious, they should report their observations immediately – in the normal way – to our local police station (021-680-9580) or to the sector patrol vans (082-411-2438 or 079-894-1466).

They can also make reports to the Claremont Cluster Command Centre, which will be operational from 6am tomorrow (Friday) morning. The command centre numbers are 021-657-2252 or 021-657-2285.


3 responses to “Mowbray Community Police Forum re. Rondebosch Common

  1. Excellent communication between everybody here. I take my hat off to you all πŸ™‚

  2. That’s the magic of the interwebz for you πŸ™‚

  3. Teresa van den Berg

    Can’t thank you enough – I’ve got the greatest admiration for how you have conducted yourself despite what some of the media and role players would want to imply and there are many residents who agree with me. Thanks also to Matthew Kempthorne and Jonathan Hobday for supporting the community and sharing the information we needed.

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