Suspicious vehicles to look out for

Gill Lanham from Rosebank report that residents should call police immediately if they spot a gold BMW, registration number CA 883692:

Just a reminder about the current modus operandi in the southern suburbs, especially for new residents.

1. Cars TO STEAL – old models eg Honda Ballades, Toyota Corolla, Golfs etc

2. Cars USED to steal – especially for smash and grabs – UPMARKET, newer models. A recent “smash and grab” group in Constantia used the above car as a getaway vehicle. In early December, in neighbouring RCID, a gold BMW station wagon (4 males) was also used in a smash and grab.

As we know, crime moves from area to area. Please pay special attention to BMW’s – especially GOLD ones, and STATION WAGONS – also if there are 2,3 or 4 occupants. CALL THE SECTOR VAN if you see any suspicious people or vehicles.


One response to “Suspicious vehicles to look out for

  1. I personally no longer drive a desirable car – it was “taken” from me at gunpoint in Obs and I wouldn’t wish that experience on anyone, or to ever happen again. Just the price we pay for living where we do.

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