Eskom lightbulb replacement programme?

A message from Naheem Bahardien:

Hi Neighbours. I just wanted to ascertain if anyone else in LM was approached by Eskom reps totoday to change their light bulbs to energy efficient ones. They were in Robor Crescent earlier today. I tried calling the Eskom toll# but no one answers. Is this all legitimate or just another bogus modus operandi?

They visited me as well. Does anybody know about it? It does seem strange that Eskom would embark on a campaign like this without advertising.


4 responses to “Eskom lightbulb replacement programme?

  1. They haven’t been to us.

  2. They were in Observatory last week; I think they do have id’s on them..

  3. Well, they took my old light bulbs and left me with shiny new ones, so I am not sure how bogus they can be! Also left a receipt, seemed legit’ to me…

  4. equally. we upgraded a bunch of bulbs.

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