Dog looking for a home

Rocco is a 1 year old, medium sized (about 18-20 kg), mixed breed, neutered male dog with a gentle, affectionate, spirited nature and would make a good friend in a suitable home. His family have recently moved to a small home in our suburb where he is now confined to a small back courtyard. Many animal welfare organisations that would accept him as a rescue dog would euthanase him after a week if he has not been adopted by that time. Organistions with a “no kill’ policy are overwhelmed with animals. If you are interested in adopting Rocco, please contact John and Penny at 021 689 2978, or email mustart@telkomsa for pictures.


One response to “Dog looking for a home

  1. Hi
    The owners are most welcome to place an ad on the Rosebank Neighbourhood Watch website – go to classifieds – and then I shall put a pointer to it in my next newsflash.

    Gill Lanham

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