Census 2011: How to spot legitimate Census workers

Census 2011 started today, and over the next couple of weeks we should all receive a visit from a Census fieldworker. Contrary to a misleading email that’s doing the rounds — some bright spark sent out US Census Bureau information and claimed it applied to South Africa —  we are in fact obliged to answer all the questions to the best of our ability, and should feel no qualms about inviting legitimate census workers into our homes. The interviews will apparently take about half an hour, so it’s not really feasible to conduct them at the garden gate.

This is how to identify a legitimate Census employee – the information is taken directly from the Stats SA website:

Our enumerators can be identified as follows:

  • A yellow satchel with the Census and Stats SA logos
  • They will have census questionnaires with them
  • An A3-size book with a map of the area on the first page
  • A yellow bib with the Census and Stats SA logos
  • An ID card

All persons who applied for a census post have been vetted by NIA, and no person who has been convicted of a crime has been employed.

Please call one of the following to verify the ID of your census worker:

National Call Centre:   0800 110 248
District Manager: Ulric Jacobs, 082 902 6961
Area Co-ordinator:  Khathutshelo Mathelemusa,  082 884 6017

via Census 2011.


One response to “Census 2011: How to spot legitimate Census workers

  1. Thanks so much for all the “behind the scenes” work you did today re the census info, Pam. Somehow, it was upon us before we had done proper research.

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