Weekly crime report – beware the car remote scam!

There has been a small spike in theft out of cars this week (September 26-October 2), including one incident in which a motorist had his central-locking system blocked and walked away leaving his car ripe for the plucking.
It happened on Friday in the car-park outside Sportsman’s Warehouse in Klipfontein Road. The driver walked away from his car, pressing the remote to activate his central-locking mechanism. Police believe that another remote was used by the thief to neutralise the effect of the driver’s remote and then , when the driver had gone, simply helped himself to the laptop that was in the car.
Apparently, this little scam is rife throughout the Cape – so, watch out, make certain that your car is actually locked before you stroll off!

The other incidents of theft out of cars were as follows: Sector One – in Main Road on Monday, in Ashley Road on Tuesday and in Malleson Road on Saturday; Sector Two – in Muswell Hill Road on Saturday.
One car was stolen – a old Jaguar taken from outside a house in Kent Road, but the police were called and pursued the suspects, recovering the vehicle in Athlone.
There were two house-breakings reported – one in Highfield Road in the early hours of Sunday morning, in which a white male escaped with a laptop; and another early-hours break-in at a house in Klaver Road, Sybrand Park, after which a suspect was arrested.
There was also a break-in at Rhodes High School – the fourth reported incident at the school in the last month! – and a laptop is missing.
No contact crimes were reported in the precinct during the week.


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