Love animals? Support Mdzananda Animal Clinic

UK volunteer Gemma Driscoll with a puppy at the clinicLocal resident Jane Levinson, who runs the Mdzananda Animal Clinic, writes:

Mdzananda is the ONLY permanent veterinary clinic in Khayelitsha that is registered with the SAVC (South African Veterinary Council) and is LEGALLY permitted to treat and sterilise animals. Not only have we been in existence for almost 15 years, but we also have a good reputation within the community that we serve.

Donors donate to us because we act honorably and ethically and do not mislead members of the public. We are open to the public 6 days a week and we keep accurate records of all treatments, sterilisations and operations. Vets, volunteers, volunteer vets and communities that we serve will testify to this.

Our organisation is moving in the direction of a more self-reliant, independent welfare that empowers people in the community to be responsible as opposed to cultivating a culture of entitlement. It is our policy to encourage people to pay a nominal amount for both pet products and our professional veterinary services.

In accordance with LEAD SA, we encourage people to only support honest and ethical practice of animal welfare.

How to get involved
Sew for us:Are you able to sew? Repair donated bags for our shop? Make leads and collars?

Plant for us: We have just started a nursery to raise funds and encourage people to green the township. Plant vegetables, flowers and medicinal plants for our nursery or collect pots/containers for us to use.

Collect for us: Approach friends and family for books, newspapers, pet food, pet products, second hand clothes/shoes and bric a brac to sell in our shop

Fundraise for us: Fundraising can be fun and a great way of getting active and involved with Mdzananda. There are many different ways you can help us:

  • Your own personal event: If you’re thinking of organising your own event such as a dog show, car boot sale or sponsored walk, please contact us on
  • Sponsored Events: Whether you organise your own event or take part in one run by Mdzananda, events are a great way of raising funds and the profile of Mdzananda. If you would like to organise your own event or represent us in something let us know.
  • Challenge Yourself: Why not do something you have always dreamed of and help a good cause at the same time? By participating in our more challenging events, such as skydiving or a cycle ride you can raise lots of money whilst successfully accomplishing an ambition!

Email us on


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