Weekly Mowbray crime report

Crime reports from the week of 19-25 September:

  1. There was an armed break-in in Dagbreek Road early on Sunday morning which led to a shoot-out between the two alleged burglars and security officials – both men were arrested in the ensuing chase, one of them by Metro Police at Athlone Station. This was the only incident of house-breaking in the precinct.
  2. There have been two incidents in Park Road, Rosebank, during the week – mid-morning on Wednesday, a woman had her handbag snatched; and on Friday night an old Ford car was stolen. Residents of Park Road, keep your eyes and ears alert.
  3. Another old car – a Mazda 323 – was stolen from York Street on Tuesday.
  4. There was also another bag-snatching, late at night in Strubens Road on Tuesday.
  5. There were four thefts from cars – Twickenham Road on Monday morning, Sawkins road on Tuesday afternoon, Liesbeek Parkway during the day on Friday; and Golf Course Road on Saturday afternoon.
  6. There has been another break-in at Rhodes High on Thursday (the third in the last few weeks!) and a projector was stolen.
  7. There was one common assault reported.

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