Weekly Mowbray crime report

From Jonathan Hobday:

A quiet week again (September 11-18).

  • Two robberies on Wednesday – an armed attack in Durban Road, after which a suspect was arrested; and a mugging in Guildford Road, also followed by an arrest.
  • On Thursday, an international female student was relieved of her laptop and cellphone on the corner of Chapel and Cecil roads cellphone by muggers using an old cream and orange Mazda bakkie (keep an eye out for this vehicle and report its presence to police if you see it).
  • The same day (Thursday), student residents were also victims of break-ins at two high-security flats at The Vines in Alma Road.
  • There were also house-breakings reported in Langton Road on Friday and in Sawkins Road on Saturday – both  at night.
  • One car was stolen in Roseberry Road on Thursday night.
  • Two thefts from cars were reported – both at night – in Salford Road on Thursday and in Balfour Road on Saturday. There was also an attempted theft from a car on Dagbreek Road on Wednesday.
  • Latest of “Eric”: As we all now know, alleged local conman and thief, “Eric”, (whose actual name is apparently Patrick) was arrested last week. His arrest came after a tip-off from a woman who recognised him from the photo that appeared in the newspapers. She had met him while he was drinking in a pub in Wynberg.

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