Community Police Forum update

News from Jonathan Hobday:

“While we can be pleased that not a single contact crime was reported in the Mowbray precinct last week (August 29 – September 4) it is sad to report that a resident of Mowbray has been murdered. His body was found dumped behind barriers on Liesbeek Parkway, between Alma and Belmont roads, on Wednesday morning in the Rondebosch police precinct. The man, who lived in a flat near the railway station, had apparently been stabbed to death.
The other reported crime was as follows:

  • Three house-breakings – in Strubens Road on Wednesday; in Acre Road, Sybrand Park, on Wednesday; and in Clifton Road, Little Mowbray, on Thursday.
  • An attempted house-breaking in Hermitage Road on Tuesday.
  • Rhodes High was again a victim of a burglary – a film projector was stolen on Thursday after a break-in.
  • One car was stolen – a rare, old Willy’s Jeep was taken from Clarendon Rd on Saturday (one of only five such vehicles in the whole country!) and there was an attempt to steal a car in Cheltenham Road on Thursday.
  • There were four incidents of theft from cars reported during the week – in Lente Road, Sybrand Park, on Tuesday; in Strubens Road on Wednesday; in Klipfontein Road, Rosebank, on Friday; and in Kowie Road on Saturday.

Police have noted two crime patterns:

  1. Most of the recent crime has occurred at night in Sector Two – so night-time patrols are to be stepped up on this sector; and
  2. Two of the house-breakings involved the theft of computer screens, which were in rooms visible from the street and had been seized smash-and-grab-style (so don’t leave your computers in a place where they can be seen by opportunistic miscreants passing by!).

Police also suspect that the recent spate of battery-thefts from cars is something to do with drug abuse – apparently, the battery acid is used in the manufacture of tik (talk about getting charged up!).”


2 responses to “Community Police Forum update

  1. Thank you for this factual update about crime, trends etc. Is it possible to provide this to the neighbourhood weekly?

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