Dealing with dog poo — can we cut the crap?

Neighbours in Rosebank have been complaining about a steady increase in the amount of dog poo on their pavements again. Some reminders about why failing to pick up your dog’s leavings is unacceptable (with thanks to Douglas van der Horst for the information):

  1. It’s gross. Cleaning dog poo off shoes is not a pleasant way to spend five minutes of our short and precious lives on this Earth.
  2. It’s a health hazard. Poo is a perfect maggot incubator, which means more flies. And think for a moment about the fact that after the eggs are laid, the fly comes and toddles its poo- and bacteria-laden feet all over your kitchen countertops, your sugar bowl and that apple you’re about to bite into.
  3. It’s illegal. In terms of the City of Cape Town’s Animal Bylaw:

11. (1) If any dog defecates in any public street, public place or public road, any person in control of such dog, excluding a person assisted by a guide dog, shall forthwith remove the excrement, place it in a plastic or paper bag or wrapper and dispose of it in a receptacle provided for the deposit of litter or refuse, excluding a person who is assisted by a guide dog.
(2) No person shall walk a dog, other than a guide dog, in a public street, public place or public road, without carrying a sufficient number of plastic or paper bags or wrappers, within which to place the excrement of the dog, in the event of the dog defecating.

That’s pretty clear. It’s not hard to keep some plastic bread bags or shopping bags near your dog’s leash for walks — and please note the by-law also states dogs must kept on a leash and under control in all public places. That includes Rondebosch Common! As Douglas says:

Some of the worst poo culprits in our area are those residents who allow their unleashed dogs to run ahead of or behind them while they walk or ride their bikes.


2 responses to “Dealing with dog poo — can we cut the crap?

  1. I live opposite the childrens playpark in Raleigh Rd Little Mowbray and on a daily basis see people arriving at the park in their cars, releasing their dogs (to crap in the park and so keep their own lawns clean) and then call their darling poo-free pooch and drive off I wish I had the courage to speak to them but am sure if they think its ok to let their dogs foul a park they are sure to tell me to mind my own business

  2. Hi Jean — if you manage to photograph any of the culprits, I’ll be happy to publish the pictures!

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