Update on metal thieves

Neighbour Michael Edwards writes:

On Wednesday afternoon I saw the horse and cart enter Berkeley Rd from Bushwood Road. I stopped and watched it for several minutes letting them know that I had seen them (three young men). One of them then started to make as if he was fixing the horses’s hooves – tapping it with a stone which even I realised coudn’t be doing anything. In fact what I think he was doing was warning his accomplice NOT to come out of the house in front of which they were stopped. Anyway I gave up watching, and a few moments later I heard the clip clop of the horse going past my entrance. Seconds after that a visitor to St Anthony’s told me that he’d seen the fellows loading a geyser onto the cart. I immediately phoned the mobile police van number which is the first number on my phone (“aapolicevan”) and within minutes the thieves were apprehended and taken to the police station. The renters of the house were able to confirm directly to the police that they had not given these crooks the geyser (as they alleged). Three things come out of this, I met the neighbours, at least some thieves know that we will take swift action against unwanted presence, and thirdly we know that the police van really works and works well. Might I respectfully suggest that anyone seeing anything peculiar or worrying simply does the same – phone the police van 0798941466 and also make it the first number on your phone by prefixing it with “aa” on your phone.


6 responses to “Update on metal thieves

  1. Penny Mustart

    Thank you Michael for the info. I have done the same on my phone. We all need to be proactive and question anything that appears suspicious.
    John Mustart

  2. I have often phoned this “crime in progress” number with very good results

  3. Roughly 3 weeks ago a friends car was parked INSIDE my driveway, behind an electric gate. 2 guys jumped over and broke in to steal the radio.
    One night later they were back over the fence for the wheels!! I have since fitted an electric fence around the front of my property (looks horrendous, but at least I feel safe now) as well as a sensor in the back garden. I havent had any more problems, but clearly these people have no problem hopping over “security” fences!

  4. Teresa van den Berg

    Well done, Michael. Will definitey add the number as you have done and encourage my family and neighbours to do the same.

  5. Teresa van den Berg

    I have a friend (non-smoking) who is keen to do house sitting if anyone is looking, please contact me at work 021 680 7040 or 082 767 77712. Thanks.

  6. Teresa van den Berg

    Oops sorry – 082 767 7712!

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