Table Talk this Saturday morning 9-12

From Mark Stephenson and Richard Walker:

Come to TABLE TALK – a NeighbourGood Market – which meets at Mossop Hall (Mowbray Methodist Church) on the corner of Roseberry and Cheltenham Roads from 9 -12 noon. Formerly known as the Mowbray Car Boot Sale, the project has mushroomed into an event that brings people together.

Table Talk opens the door to conversation: After the last event on Saturday 7 May 2011, residents have asked: “When are you going to do this again?”. Two of our youngest participants decided to make some cut out puppets to celebrate the occasion. Zoë Walker made an ice cream lady and her older brother, Liam, gave the pizza man some shape. They now have names: “Miss Welcome” and “Mr. Delivery”. These common values of hospitality and service represent Little Mowbray’s contribution to the city as a unique, accessible and friendly place to visit. Rev. Stephenson, the Superintendent Minister says: “This kind of community activity can get to be a habit. It’s great to experience accomplishment and see how momentum can lead people to bigger and better things. There is much room for improvement.”

The way it works is simple. Participants book a table (there are only twelve), place and price their unwanted goods and wait for the wave of curious shoppers, neighbours, family and friends who simply love to wander around. 20% of the sales are donated to the church; the balance is pocketed by the stall holders.

So come along and allow “the tables to do the talking”. Enjoy the company. Relax and listen to the stories told in the music of various local and visiting musicians. If you have an idea, Mark and Richard will help you contact people with similar concerns. Table Talk is a place for conversation, bargains and serendipitous excitement.

As someone has rightly said: “There’s nothing to talk about until something’s on the table”. The sooner we start the more we can accomplish. Interested?

We look forward to meeting with you Face2Face.



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