Prowler alert!

A neighbour writes:

Just a warning about prowlers in the Roseberry Road/Bushwood road area. At around 1.30pm on Monday, May 30 a black man wearing jeans, a blue windbreaker with yellow writing on the back and a beanie hopped over a communal wall between the duplexes at 12 Bushwood Road and into my back garden (29 Roseberry Road). He was distinctly skulking around and had already opened the door to my garden shed to pilfer some goods when he was spotted. A neighbour and myself yelled and ran at him at which he calmly hopped back over the wall, ran across the drive and scaled the entrance gate to the Bushwood Rd duplexes and took off up the road. He was obviously very familiar with his route. This is obviously a second bite at the cherry since I’d noticed on Saturday midday that my garden shed door was ajar – but that nothing was amiss. The padlock was even inside the shed…

Thanks Fiona! If anyone sees a person matching this description, please alert ADT or the police sector patrol immediately. Contact details are on the right-hand side of the blog.


One response to “Prowler alert!

  1. A prowler came to our gate (which is on panhandle driveway off Richmond Road) at about 22h30 last night (Sunday). I was alerted to the fact that he was standing at our gate when our security lights went off. He had a clipboard/book in his hand and said something about being from Zimbabwe. I shouted it was too late to be knocking on doors and did not give him any further opportunity to engage. He turned around and disappeared down the driveway. I did not get a good look at him other than seeing he was a shortish, black man.

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