Lost driver’s licence, Husky puppy looking for a home, Common mystery solved

Three news items via Gill Lanham in Rosebank:

  1. Husky puppy looking for a good home: A resident of Vredenburg Circus writes: “Yesterday I bought a 4 month old pure bred unregistered female Husky puppy from a family in Rytervacht who had no idea how to look after her and wanted to get rid of her. Dr Vincent has checked her, de-wormed, vaccinated and de-fleaed her. She has the most wonderful nature, is obedient, excellent around children and other dogs and calm with the cat. She will make a wonderful pet. However we feel due to many other commitments we are not able to keep her ourselves. She is therefore available to be adopted by someone who will be able to care for her properly and exercise her regularly.”
    If anyone is interested please contact Hilary 082 7705633 or Simon 082 5533188
  2. Driver’s licence found: ADT guard Jay Jay has found a driver’s licence in the name of SR Sheard lying in the road in Rosebank. If anyone has lost this, please contact Jay Jay directly at  076 749 8850.
  3. What’s that tarpaulin doing on the Common? Recently a resident was peplexed about the tarapulin on the Common.  Here is the reply from Joanne of the Friends of the Common:
    “The tarpaulin is part of a  botany student’s experiment with kikuyu lawn. He wants to see if this would be a way to get rid of kikuyu instead of poisoning it. It is on the so called “weed patch” of fill that was put on the Common in the 1940s/50s. It overlaps slightly onto original Common soil as part of his experiment.

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