Voting tomorrow – things to remember

Thanks to Rosebank Neighbourhood Watch chairman Marc Gammon for this checklist of what to remember when you vote tomorrow:

  • Polling stations are open from 7 am to 7 pm.
  • You MUST vote where you are registered. Check your voter registration here.
  • Take your green bar-coded ID book – the only document that will be recognised.
  • When you are issued with your ballot papers, see that they are stamped on the back.
  • You are issued with 2 ballot papers – one for the ward councillor and one for the  political party of your choice.

THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT ELECTION. Please make every effort to vote & please encourage all friend & family to do the same.


One response to “Voting tomorrow – things to remember

  1. Charl Pienaar

    Anybody that can help me? I have a relative that needs to go in for an operation tomorrow. She did not register for the ‘special vote’ as the deadline for the special voters registration was already 2 weeks ago. We only found out about the operation today. I would like to speak to anybody involved in the elections in Little Mowbray that could possibly help me. She can still vote today if possible. I phoned the IEC but they reckon there is no solution to this problem.

    Please contact me on if you have any solutions to this problem!

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