Conman alert! Bogus Telkom worker

Another reminder to be extra vigilant about whom we allow onto our properties, and always to check credentials. Gill Lanham across the road in Rosebank has forwarded this from a resident of Landseer Rd:

“We were victims of the bogus Telkom confidence trickster last night. My wife let him into the house after he had informed her that he needed to cut some trees back for the installation of a line the next day. (We have recently moved into the area and in fact yesterday the real Telkom were at our house, and indeed do need to come back today). This guy obviously monitored the situation, may even have spoken to the Telkom official, and took his chance with my wife. He got away with a wallet and two cell phones. People should therefore be extremely alert when having services rendered at their houses as this character is able to read the situation and make his requests for access seem plausible. He comes at a time when domesticity is at its peak (supper being cooked, baths being run etc etc ) and takes advantage of the minor chaos, not to mention gullible citizens of Mowbray. He is a black male, biggish, with an almost bald head, late thirties. When my wife reported him to the Mowbray police they obviously knew all about him, his reputation preceding him at the station. “


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