Refreshments for bicycle patrollers

Rosebank Neighbourhood Watch chairperson Marc Gammon recently sent out a mail about their system of providing refreshments to the ADT bicycle patrol guards for the area. He wrote:

There is no doubt that the patrollers really appreciate the gesture, and we have noticed that the turn-over of patrollers has decreased as the patrollers feel cared for by the community they are serving.

… team of volunteers from the community… take it in turns to provide coffee and sandwiches to the patrollers daily, where each person provides this for a week at a time.

I think this is a fantastic idea – can we do the same in Little Mowbray? I reckon we will need:

  1. 1 person to contact ADT to offer this service.
  2. 1 person  (possibly the same person) to act as co-ordinator, maintaining a roster and mailing reminders once a week.
  3. 52 households willing to provide coffee and sandwiches for a week.
That’s not so hard. I hereby volunteer to be one of the households, so now we only need 51 🙂 Who else is keen, and what wonderful person will step up to co-ordinate?

4 responses to “Refreshments for bicycle patrollers

  1. Sounds like a great idea – but what times would one need to do this? We are at work during the day…

  2. We would do a week at a time, tea and sandwiches
    14 Roseberry Rd

  3. Adrian & John @ 8 Robor Cresc. happy to volunteer to do coffee and snack for ADT for a week.

  4. Mike Edwards

    We’ll do it too. Mike & Hilary 6 Berkeley

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