The great mozzie mystery – any clues?

Neighbour Colleen Thomas writes with some information on the recent mosquito plague:

We have had tons of mosquitos recently and wondered if any one else is suffering the same way? About ten years ago we had a similar problem and contacted the health authorities, who came to inspect our local drains. They said that the design of the old drains caused there to be a residue of old stagnant water lying in the bottom of the drain. They came around and sprayed the drains with an oil which coated the surface of the water, preventing the mosquitos from emerging from the surface. They also sent teams to re design and change the structure of the drains. I am not sure what the cause is this time.

Does anybody have news about what’s going on this time?


10 responses to “The great mozzie mystery – any clues?

  1. We have also had a serious plague of mosquitos. I always thought it was because I was close to the schools and grass as well as the rivers. We have about 20 mozzies every night against our roof!

    Maybe we should look into the problem?

  2. Yes, same here, Richmond Road. We’ve been getting tennis elbow from all the running around with the mozzie zapper racquet… Looks like Council needs to get involved again!!!

  3. Hilary Henderson

    I am also being driven crazy by mozzies. I always assumed it was the Black River wetlands! They appeared in droves, the moment the south easter dropped! I have no solutions, though!

  4. Also millions of mossies – have cleaned drains, covered vents with netting – doesnt help Before bedtime my husband goes on a trip around the house sucking mossies into the vacuum cleaner It works but is hard work!
    I will email the council on
    They are pretty good about responding

  5. Graham Bellairs

    We have a major infestation of mosquitoes and have doubled up on the number of heated tablets in each room every night. It is chronic. I have never seen anything like this since moving into the house in 1996.

  6. Mike Edwards

    Noidea but they are a darn nuisance and definitely worse this year than in previous years. Peaceful Sleep helps, and just out of interest Peaceful Sleep also sorts out ticks (and I have had tick bite fever from Northern Natal) – apparently Tabard helps with mozzies but not ticks. Possibly a bit of useless information ? Anyway we use the PS stuff. Also we sometimes use a mosquito net – that keeps the little b’s out !
    Regards to all – Mike

  7. Glad to hear I’m not the only one. I have gazzilions almost every night. P/Sleep heat units work very well. I will also contact – Regards Patsy

  8. This time I got no response from re the mozzie plague Fortunately they seemed to have eased off with the colder weather
    ————————————————————————————————————————-I also have no idea who the candidate for this ward is – so hope vote for the correct one!!

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