All quiet on the crime front

Jonathan Hobday writes:

It’s been another uncannily quiet week (March 28 to April 3) on Mowbray’s crime front – only eight reported incidents, of which seven were in Sector One. Those incidents were:

  • Three housebreakings: Guildford Road and Lower York Road on Friday, and Strubens Road on Saturday;
  • One business break-in: Station Road;
  • One theft from a car: Cheltenham Road on Tuesday;
  • One stolen car:  Christow Road on Wednesday.

Part of the reason for this, I suspect, is that UCT, other tertiary institutions and schools were on holiday. Also, the SAPS staged a major clean-up operation right across the Claremont cluster and many arrests were effected.

Great news – and let’s keep fighting the crime menace!

This mirrors the ADT incident report for April 1-3: Three open gates and one open garage door, and that’s it. Sometimes we are our own worst enemies!


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