Spatial District Development Plans – last chance to comment

From the City of Cape Town (lightly edited):

In 2008 the City of Cape Town initiated a process to prepare a Spatial Development Framework for Cape Town as well as 8 integrated Spatial Development Plans / Environmental Management Frameworks (District Plans) – one for each of the planning districts of the city.

In 2009 the public was invited to comment on the draft Cape Town Spatial Development Framework and the 8 draft District Plans which were informed by inputs received in 2008. The public was also invited to participate in district workshops and subcouncil open days aimed at discussing the proposals contained in these plans. In 2010, the public was again invited to comment on a revised draft Cape Town Spatial Development Framework.

On the basis of the public comments received on the draft District Plans, these eight plans have been revised and as from 1 April 2011 are available for a final round of public scrutiny and comment.

The revised draft District Plans technical reports and summary brochures, including a summary of the public comments received on the first drafts and the City’s response to these, will be available for public inspection from Friday 1 April 2011 at your local library, subcouncil office and your Planning & Building Development Management district office. The summary brochure is available in English and Xhosa/Afrikaans. You can also find this information and more background and supporting information at

District level open days will take place in the month of April 2011 where the revised draft proposals of the District Plans will be available for viewing and discussion. Please watch your local press and for details or contact us on 021 400 9412.

If you have any questions or you would like to comment on the final drafts of these District Plans for Cape Town please write to us at:

Fax: 021 425 6495
Post: PO Box 4511, Cape Town 8000

The closing date for comment is 30 June 2011.


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