Metrorail contact numbers

Councillor Owen Kinahan has sourced a list of Metrorail contact numbers. You can download the full version  as an Excel spreadsheet or use this edited version showing only the numbers likely to be of interest to local residents:



All complaints, enquiries and incident reporting (incl asset damage / maintenance) preferably to be done through the TIC who has full brief to whom enquiry will be directed to. The info below indicates applicable line function contact numbers.

2. STATION OPERATIONS (day to day station operations and service delivery – ticket sales office hours, announcements, flooding in subways, station cleanliness, bicycle parking, scheduling & time tables, etc)
REGIONAL CUSTOMER OPERATION MANAGER Richard Walker 083-258-6538 021 449-4240
SOUTH CORRIDOR CUSTOMER SERVICE MANAGER Nobantu Mbude 0835986426 021 507 2245
STATIONS AREA MAN. Cell Phone Office Phone
Salt River to Claremont Patience Matshikiza 072 135 4322 021 507 2997
3. PROPERTY RELATED MATTERS (Advertising, station parking, development proposals etc)
PROPERTY LEASING Henry Masimla 079 892 8673 021 419 5453
PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT Moseli Ntsiki 082 562 5650 021 419 5453
FACILITIES MANAGEMENT Kaparo Molefi 083 255 1149 021 419 5453
STRATEGIC ISSUES Hannes v Wyk 082 498 9512 021 419 5453
4. SAFETY AND SECURITY MATTERS (Reporting of crimes, drinking of alcohol on trains, dumping on rail reserve, graffiti on stations and trains, vandalism etc)
METRORAIL CRIME STOP 0800 21 00 81 (all hours) Toll Free
SAPS CRIME STOP 0860 01 01 11
SAPS [Cape Town Station] 021 449 5111
CORPORATE SECURITY Cape Town 021 449 4336 (all hours)
  Rosebank 021 507 2350  (all hours)


2 responses to “Metrorail contact numbers

  1. Thembani Chonco

    hi there
    what can I do if I find out that there is no ticket sellers on the station and I want to take a train in knowing that I will find them on the station on my way out ,is it a crime if I go to them and say there was no one at that station pls I need an advice ..what can I do if they call me a criminal .where can I go to report this kind of a crime coz to me it is not fair if you go to pai point and they arrest u

    • Hi Thembani, sorry we can’t help you directly with this – we have the Metrorail number on our web page as a service but aren’t connected with them in any way. I hope you get some results by phoning the number!

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