Ceremony at Sawkins Rd traffic circle

If you’re a Rondebosch Common regular, or if you remember the pedestrian who was killed by a speeding driver near the Sawkins Rd/Campground Rd intersection a few years ago, you will be grateful for the traffic circle that was built there last year. This from Owen Kinahan:

The Sawkins Road circle was constructed in response to a fatal motor accident and  many incidents endangering the lives of pedestrians and users of the Rondebosch Common precinct. The principal cause was diagnosed as vehicle speed.

Rosebank & Mowbray Civic Association and Rosebank Neighbourhood Watch and local residents all played an important role in lobbying the City of Cape Town to construct the circle which was completed in 2010 at a cost of almost R1m.

You are cordially invited to a short ceremony to inaugurate the traffic circle on SAWKINS ROAD at 10h00 on Friday 18 March 2011

Please gather at the parking area on Sawkins Rd close to the circle.


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