A request from our Rosebank neighbours – anybody have a way to transport a tractor?

This from Douglas van der Horst of the Rosebank Neighbourhood watch, our very efficient neighbours on the other side of Klipfontein Rd:

Several improvements have been (or will be) made to the children’s play area at the southern tip of the Rosebank Village Green. Two rocking ponies and a see-saw have been installed; the swings have been improved; the jungle gym will soon be enlarged; and some of the equipment will have MasterFibre placed underneath to prevent injury in the event of an accident. We also hope that this area will be fenced soon after the start of the City’s new financial year in July.

In addition, we are looking for an old tractor that will be placed in the area and painted in bright colours. Two residents who have contacts in the wine industry and the broader farming community in the Boland have put out feelers and we hope that someone out there will donate an old tractor to us. However, it will need to be transported to Cape Town and we are thus appealing to anyone in Rosebank who is involved in the transport industry or who has contacts in this sector who might be prepared to bring the tractor to Rosebank free of charge as a donation to our community. Please get in touch with me if you think you might be able to help. We, in turn, will keep you informed of all developments and proposed improvements to the play area and the broader Village Green.


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