Revitalising the Little Mowbray Neighbourhood Watch

A message from the co-ordinators of  our Neighbourhood Watch:

We are attempting to revitalize the Little Mowbray community network. This means we want everybody to know the latest news, events, crime stats, dodgy people hanging around, how we can make the neighbourhood prettier, improve services, etc.

Our attempt would be to reinstate the block programme, whereby certain blocks have people assigned the task of looking after that block. You as resident would be connected to that block coordinator by email, and, if you feel comfortable enough, he/she would have your other details (like phone number, etc) as well. The block coordinators would then try and voice your needs/comments/news either by way of a monthly meeting, alternatively by getting the police involved/ADT, etc. Any other matters can be taken up with the appropriate ward forums.

Thus the structure would look like this:

The only way this will work is if you, the resident, buy into it. This network will rely on residents to provide it with news, ideas, comments and complaints.
Please feel free to send your details, and get your neighbours also in on the act. Once we have a couple of block coordinator volunteers, we will start dividing the blocks up between them. Please inform me whether you are interested in volunteering by leaving a comment below.
There is now also a Facebook group now dedicated to Little Mowbray. It is absolutely free so please join if you want to!
Kind Regards,
the LMNW team

3 responses to “Revitalising the Little Mowbray Neighbourhood Watch

  1. Hello
    I just wanted to let you know that I am SO IMPRESSED with your efforts.
    Best wishes
    Gill Lanham

  2. Awesome… convenient and well organised.
    With this, we are well on our way

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