Latest crime report: Nov 29 – Dec 2

Jonathan Hobday, the Chairman of the Mowbray Community Police Forum, compiles a weekly roundup of crime reports based on information from the SAPS. Here is the latest:

More good news – crime remained low this week (Nov 29-Dec 5), with police receiving only 14 incident reports. There were no robberies; only two house-breakings – one in Ayres Road, Rosebank Village, and the other at the guesthouse in Roseberry Road, Little Mowbray; and one vehicle theft, a motorbike stolen in Hornsey Road (where a suspect has been arrested).

If there is a problem, it is with thefts from cars, of which there were six incidents (compared to five last year), three in each of the Sectors. In Sector One, the incidents took place in Belmont Road, Ayres Road and Durban Road; and, in Sector Two, there were two in Klipfontein Road (one in the Woolies car-park) and one in Clarendon Road, where the wheels were taken off a vehicle, the second such incident in this precinct in the last month.

Therefore, so far, so good – and more good news is that the Mowbray police will be introducing some bicycle and motor-cycle patrols in the area in the coming week to intensify surveillance at street level. They will also be conducting more stop-and-search exercises as well as road-blocks.

Further good news, the operations arm of the Groote Schuur CID has moved into its new HQ in Main Road and is now firing on all cylinders. The effect on the CBD is salutary – I have never seen it looking so spruce.

The bad news is that our neighbouring precinct, Rondebosch, had a black weekend on the crime front, with six cars being stolen – and the fear is that this crime wave may trickle on to Mowbray (watch your cars!). More bad news: Claremont had a murder (apparently bergie-related) – so let’s not be complacent.

Jonathan Hobday
Chairperson, Mowbray CPF


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